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Getting Started

The best way to start working with the M project is to create your own database to connect to. You should download the entire code for the project from the repository at SourceForge as described in the project's website, eastridges.com/m . You can download the latest stable build from eastridges.com/m as well. Don't worry about compiling the code just yet. That requires code signing keys and other encryption keys that won't be compatible with the stable builds which are available at eastridges.com/m. Instead, see the documentation files in the code repository and the empty database backup. Build your own database, request a license key and run the program to connect to your database.

After you play around with the program, try your hand at writing customized program pieces.

MM3License key

The program retrieves the login information for your database from an encrypted file called mm3license that you can request on this form. You need to supply the login password you created for the database user called MM3Login and you will receive the mm3license file via e-mail.

First Name
Last Name
Mail Address
MM3Login password
Medical Practice Name